ASACP Honors Featured Sponsors for May

LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has announced its featured sponsors for May, honoring AdultCentro, Adam & Eve and Saboom/PartnerCash for their continued generous support of the association in its fight to protect children.

ASACP's market-specific Best Practices and Universal Code of Ethics provide online businesses with basic guidance, while its Restricted To Adults (RTA) website meta label helps prevent a minor's access to adult-oriented websites and mobile apps. This combination of education, information and tools is further reinforced through the association's internationally recognized Child Exploitation Hotline, which has processed more than one million reports since its inception, and which has a long record of success in combating illegal sites.

According to ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning, its featured sponsors enable and make use of these tools, placing these companies at the pinnacle of corporate responsibility and self-regulation.

"The association's Sponsor Recognition Program honors those companies that have demonstrated a willingness to put child protection ahead of raw profits, setting an example for their peers to follow," Henning said. "In doing so, they demonstrate to legislators and other stakeholders that the adult industry is made up of caring professionals and legitimate businesses striving to do the right thing."

An ASACP title sponsor that has supported the association since 2012, AdultCentro offers services for adult content creators, performers and publishers. For example, its AC Publisher tool allows users to build a complete site or insert content feeds into an existing site, while the AC Marketplace service brings content buyers and sellers together. AC Cloud allows its users to distribute and monetize their content for a full service offering.

"Being a featured sponsor with ASACP is gratifying in more ways than one," AdultCentro CEO Stan Fiskin said. "While the acknowledgement and credit for being a sponsor is appreciated, the true recognition should go to all those at ASACP who continue to protect minors from adult content. The service that ASACP provides goes above and beyond, and it's for that very reason that AdultCentro is a proud supporter of such an organization."

One of the most well known names in adult entertainment today, Adam & Eve has supported ASACP since 2002. As America's leading adult toy company for more than 40 years, Adam & Eve has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable merchant serving a wide range of customers.

An ASACP corporate sponsor since 2012, helps protect children online in part by using the Restricted To Adults (RTA) website meta label, used to secure sites such as its flagship property "Saboom," which seeks to bring the next generation of interactivity to adult entertainment.

"The generosity of our sponsors and the 'over and above' support of our featured sponsors make our nonprofit operation possible and fuel the success of our efforts," Henning said. "As ASACP continues to cope with a declining budget and increased responsibilities, it is vital that we receive such industry support if we are to carry on our mission."

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