Vivid Cabaret N.Y. Opens VIP Roof Deck Lounge, Cigar Bar

NEW YORK — Vivid Cabaret New York has officially opened its newly designed VIP roof deck lounge and cigar bar for nightly parties. Champagnes, specialty cocktails and a wide selection of cigars are featured.

"The Vivid Cabaret NYC roof deck lounge and cigar bar have proven to be a popular spot for corporate, VIP and private events of all kinds," said Lonnie Hanover, a spokesman for Vivid Cabaret New York.

Diamond, one of the employees of the three-story gentlemen's club, said, "Businessmen like to smoke cigars, and I like to drink champagne. And under the breezy nighttime air, I love it."

Vivid Cabaret New York is located at 61 W. 37th St. in Mid-Town Manhattan within walking distance of Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.

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