Entrenue Introduces Blewit! 'Mindful Masturbator' for Men

PHOENIX — Entrenue has announced that it is now stocking “Blewit!” — a new male masturbator with a discreet shape made to promote the importance of performance and endurance training — released in time for Masturbation Month.

Attracting more than 1,300 backers from its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Blewit! simulates intercourse while giving users a way to experience their sexual response cycles in a way that ordinary masturbation can’t.

According to the company, Blewit! provides a special focus on male pleasure training and gives men and their partners a tool that can help strengthen men’s ability to delay orgasm, via “mindful masturbation,” which essentially promotes the kind of self-awareness that can enhance sexual experiences.

With regular use solo or with a partner, users can get to know their sexual cues intimately.

“We love Blewit!’s focus on performance enhancement and endurance training, which expertly caters to one of the most common concerns that men have regarding their sex lives,” explains Entrenue President Joe Casella. “Its discreet shape and design are refreshingly modern and make it easy for storage or travel.”

“Blewit! is a thoughtful take on a male masturbator and we know our customers will appreciate having a fresh and new sex toy for men to put on their shelves in time for Masturbation May,” Casella adds, “which brings an added bonus for fun sales campaigns!”

Along with Blewit!, Entrenue also now stocks Lubeit!, a matching water-based lubricant formulated by Sliquid, a popular vegan and body-safe lubricant manufacturer.

Blewit!’s soft interior is made of flexible TPE with antimicrobials added to help prevent bacteria growth. It can be easily cleaned by removing the bottom vent, running warm water and soap in its interior, and allowing for air drying.

A unique floating store display will soon be available with a minimum order.

For more information or to place an order, email info@entrenue.com or call (800) 368-7268.