PornHD Insider Article Examines Free Sites' HD Compatibility

HONG KONG — In a new article, PornHD Insider's Mark Fairley examines how well the top 50 free porn video sites have adapted to state of the art video technology, specifically high-definition 720p+ content.

Large video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, PornHD Insider said, "adopted these standards as early as 2007, while free porn tubes jumped on the train much later." PornHD Insider said that "66 percent of the top 50 free porn sites have at least parts of their content available in 720p or higher, with only one site offering every video in 720p" and that "20 percent of all sites offer only a resolution below 480p" or have "an outdated standard."

"The future in free online porn is HD, and at one point, users will see it as a matter of course," Fairley said. "It's not a question of technology or costs anymore, but rather, where porn tubes want to position themselves and how well they want to cooperate with content producers."

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