InstaVR Platform Now Includes Heat-Mapping Analytics

InstaVR Platform Now Includes Heat-Mapping Analytics
Rhett Pardon

SAN JOSE, Calif. — An innovative authoring platform for virtual reality developers is now capable of VR-app analysis with point-of-gaze heat-mapping analytics.

The latest breakthrough comes from Tokyo-based Candlify VR Technologies, which is showing off its InstaVR platform at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo in San Jose through Friday.

InstaVR offers compatibility with video-compression methods and allows VR developers to quickly and easily create their VR apps and then publish them to all mobile/desktop VR platforms.

“VR content is distinctive, in that it allows users to select the camera position and angle more freely than is possible with conventional content,” InstaVR’s founder Daniel Haga said. “The challenge, however, is that the developer does not know where to create and improve VR content because they do not know where the user is looking. InstaVR's point-of-gaze heat mapping analysis function solves this problem.”

Apps created with InstaVR will automatically collect information on the user's point-of-gaze and transmit that information to the InstaVR analysis platform, he said. InstaVR clients can now see the areas where app users are looking and the order in which their gaze moves, through the VR content editing screen on their browser. This allows developers to create and adjust effective VR content based on factual analysis.

This latest enhancement, allows VR developers to edit VR content inside a web browser and add interactivity, such as hot spots and navigation. And then with in-browser distribution, app creators can export their edited VR content as an app on distribution platforms.

Haga told XBIZ that adult entertainment operators could sell content and live cam streams online "very quickly" by using InstaVR.

“InstaVR's video player engine came from our 1 million-downloaded VR video player app ‘AAA VR Cinema,’" Haga told XBIZ. “The AAA VR Cinema is optimized for playing NSFW contents as well, and some adult contents seller recommend the player as an official player.

“You can use the powerful VR video player engine via InstaVR,” he said. “Additionally, analytics is important to improve contents. InstaVR's heatmap analytics feature help contents maker to make their contents more attractive greatly.”

Haga’s company has enabled development of more than 1,500 VR apps for a broad range of needs, including real estate, tourism and events, products and apps for fans. To date, more than 1 million users in 224 countries have used Candlify apps.

An InstaVR demo can be found here.