PornTeam Signs ColbyKnox to Exclusive Distribution Deal

SAN FRANCISCO — ColbyKnox have signed an exclusive deal with PornTeam for DVD distribution. 

ColbyKnox, a gay studio founded by performers Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in 2014, have been successful online with the membership site, But the company is expanding into DVDs with the new release, "In the Wild," to be distributed by PornTeam. 

"ColbyKnox is an amazing and sexy concept," said Christopher Kren, CEO and president of PornTeam Distribution. "The idea that two established adult performers are living out their fantasies by bringing in a mix of their favorite porn stars and lesser known hotties is what every man could ever want. We, as consumers, get to live vicariously through Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox as they explore the bodies of their idols and submit to their every craving. I can't wait to get their brand out to the people. I know they'll do very well."

In addition to Chambers and Knox, "In the Wild" features Seth Alexander, Zach Taylor, Keaton Plowman, Draven Torres, Brenner Bolton and Trevor Kingly.

"We could not be more excited about working with PornTeam to provide a new medium for our content and availability," Chambers said.

ColbyKnox are based in North Carolina, while PornTeam is based in Northern California.

"We started ColbyKnox after spending a few years webcamming together," Knox said. "Porn has had a big impact on both our lives, playing a part in us both coming out and coming to terms with and being proud of who we are. We believe gay porn is much more valuable than what the status quo gives it credit for. It can be just a brief escape from everyday life, a way to blow off steam. Or as it was for us, it can be that first step out of the closet. It is for these reasons we decided the next logical step for us was to become a larger part of a business that has given us so much."

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