Honeylicious Offering Free Gifts With Orders

EMLEY, U.K. — Honeylicious, U.K.-based provider of adult toys and accessories, is offering a free gift with every order. 

Honeylicious said that depending on the amount spent, customers will, for a limited time, "qualify for anything from a free mini-personal toy to the high-end Jessica Rabbit Original." All Honeylicious orders ship free of charge throughout the United Kingdom in discreet packaging, with batteries included for all items that require them.

"We're all about spicing up life for our customers, and our new free gifts are going to further that mission for sure," Honeylicious representative Stuart Holdsworth said. "We've picked out some of our most popular items to offer for free, so every customer will receive a special bonus with their regular order. Whether that means a compact mini personal toy or a fun, exotic light saber, these free gifts are already going fast."

The global adult toy industry generates over £10 billion in annual revenues, according to the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, with nearly a quarter of the world's adults reporting experiences with the goods it turns out. The United States leads the way in terms of related Google searches per resident, but the U.K. is close behind in second place, falling short of the top spot by a mere 15 percent.

A Honeylicious spokesperson said, "With the company's new free gift offer, customers have even more reason to seek out something special and new from Honeylicious. Four different free gifts are available, with those who spend at least £50 being eligible to select from any of them and no minimum order required."

Honeylicous, founded in 2006, stocks more than 3000 products.

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