Layla Sin Interviewed on 'Boom Boom Cast'

LOS ANGELES — Layla Sin was recently a guest on "The Boom Boom Cast" and discussed her activities as a director and performer, including custom scenes requested by clients.

"It's very, very complicated because I have clients who are very, very particular with things they want to see: certain lighting, certain angles, certain movements of the scene," Sin said during the podcast. "Wardrobe, makeup — everything is very specific. And of course, very specific girls. I set up everything, from working with the agents to hiring the videographers, photographers and makeup artists. Everything."

A spokesperson for Sin said, "Since she is taking requests from clients, she never knows what it might entail. And, yes, it can get weird."

Sin said, "I've had certain things that clients want to hear that are very strange. I'm trying to make my clients as happy as possible, but of course, there is a limit to everything. I have to make sure I'm not crossing any limits."

Sin, according to a representative, "doesn't like things to get too rough" in custom scenes. "But with few exceptions," Sin's representative said, "she's been happy to get clients exactly what they want. And she loves creating scenes for her many clients."

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