NakedSword Releases 'Raspberry Reich GR'

NakedSword Releases 'Raspberry Reich GR'
Alex Henderson

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has released their fifth short film, "Raspberry Reich GR," which delves into the politics of modern-day Greece. "Raspberry Reich GR" follows the gay studio's previous short films "100 Boyfriends Mixtape," "Hattie Goes Cruising," "Catharsis" and "Doors Cut Down."

"Whether as a presenter, a producer or distributor, the goal of NakedSword Film Works is to offer a wider range of gay film product to NakedSword members," a spokesperson for the studio said. "The latest offering, 'Raspberry Reich GR,' is a sexy, edgy, political gay short that will get you off while providing an enlightening look at the tension of being gay in Greece under a very conservative government while the economy has crumbled."

"Raspberry Reich GR" takes place at time when Antonis Samaras was still Greece's prime minister and the socialist Syriza Party had yet to win 149 seats in the Greek parliament in the Jan. 2015 election.

A NakedSword representative, describing "Raspberry Reich GR," said, "The year is 2014, and Greece is under the shadow of conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Things are looking grim for gay rights in Greece until a small group of horny gay men decide to take matters into their own hands."

Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studio Group and the NakedSword Network, said, "'Raspberry Reich GR' is a great addition to the NakedSword Film Works lineup on NakedSword. The film is witty while being both sexually and politically charged. It might be one of our most well received NSFW films to date. Thus far, all of the NSFW releases have garnered a large viewership on NakedSword. So we are encouraged to continue offering these unique shorts and features on a regular basis like we do our NakedSword original features and sex scenes."

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