Pure Play, Brutha's Inc. Serve 'Chocolate City'

Pure Play, Brutha's Inc. Serve 'Chocolate City'
Alejandro Freixes

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Brutha’s Inc. have announced the release of "Chocolate City." 

Directed by Buddha, "Chocolate City" features cover model Bugatti Bubblez, Jamaica Bands, Pink Diamond and Juicy Dior in black-on-black boy/girl scenes that include anal and deep-throating.

“Brutha’s Inc. has definitely burst through the gate with high-quality all-black releases, and this film, directed by Buddha, is no exception,” said Michael L., sales representative of Pure Play Media. “For fans of black-on-black porn, these freaky ebony queens are great performers, and certain to please. We urge retailers call us as soon as possible to place their orders.”

To view the box cover, cast list and synopsis for “Chocolate City," click here. Retailers interested in stocking “Chocolate City” can contact Michael at Mike@pureplaymedia.com or (954) 903-3347, ext. 2224.

For more information on Pure Play Media, visit PurePlayMedia.com and PPMB2B.com.