EurocremeGroup Announces Launch of Back Alley

LONDON — The EurocremeGroup has announced the launch of the new gay studio Back Alley, which is debuting with the "Back Alley Breeders" series. Titles included in the series so far include "Back Alley Breeders: Big Dicked Breeding" and "Back Alley Breeders: Sex Den Sluts."

A representative for the EurocremeGroup said, "Dark, dingy and full of rough chavs, the Back Alley isn't a place for the faint hearted and innocent. You won't be the same when you come out of this place. You're almost certain to be covered in cum, inside and out and with the taste lingering at the back of your throat until your next visit."

Performers featured in the "Back Alley Breeders" series include Nathan Raider, Dmitry Osten, Sam Syron, Skikes, Johannes Lars and Gabriel Phoenix.

All "Back Alley Breeders" titles are available on DVD or as high-definition or standard definition downloads.

For more information on the EurocremeGroup, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.