'Spanish Fly Extra' Now in Stock at ABS Holdings

BOURNEMOUTH, U.K. — ABS Holdings has announced that the Spanish Fly Extra is now in stock. 

A representative for ABS Holdings said, "This potent formula improves sexual performance and stimulates erotic energy while giving you much needed vitality in the bedroom. Spanish Fly Extra drops are easily absorbed by the body and stimulate sexual desire for increased intimacy. These drops contain L-arginine HCL that stimulates blood flow to the genitals for enhanced performance. It also contains Vitamin C that stimulates the proper functioning of the nervous system, increasing energy and giving you more endurance when it really counts."

ABS Holdings has also announced the release of a new size chart for Bathmate. The chart will help one find the right size for penis pumps.

"According to the guide," an ABS Holdings spokesperson said, "penis length of up to 12.5cm should opt for the X20, while penis lengths up to 18cm will benefit from the X30 Hercules. The X40 is great for sizes up to 23cm, while the Goliath is designed for larger sizes up to 28cm. It's important to find your perfect size for maximum comfort and maximum results."

ABS Holdings is offering an Allure size guide to help with lingerie selection.

"This guide applies to both the Kitten range for women and the Zeus range for men," ABS Holdings said of the Allure size guide. "This size guide makes it easier for lingerie lovers to find a piece that fits like a second skin. This guide is also available in our download section."

In addition, ABS Holdings announced that "our Minx, Linx and Kinx ranges have gotten a design overhaul" and said, "The MLK ranges are always expanding, and our new packaging really reflects the exciting new additions to the collection. The new packaging has crisp, clear information on the product and gives easily accessible info on the materials and product uses. This ensures an easier experience for our customers, ensuring that they know everything they need to about our exciting Minx, Linx and Kinx ranges."

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