Layla Sin Shoots Two New Features for Penthouse

LOS ANGELES — Layla Sin has been keeping busy as both a director and a performer this week. 

In addition to performing in scenes for the Penthouse titles "Masquerade" and "Instant Lesbians," Sin directed three scenes featuring Alice Lighthouse. The "Masquerade" and "Instant Lesbians" scenes were directed by Stuart Canterbury.

"I've been very happy with the work we're doing at Penthouse," Sin said. "This week, we worked with a lot of classic-type setups. But everything felt fresh, and these scenes were incredibly hot. I can't wait for everyone to be able to see them."

The scenes that Sin directed for Lighthouse include a boy/girl scene and a pair of solos, all done in a single day.

"It was a very easy day because (Alice) was such a pleasure to work with," Sin said. "She's naturally sexy and doesn't need to turn it on for the camera. It's already there."

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