Metro Talent Management Signs Newcomer Jessica Blaze

LOS ANGELES — Metro Talent Management has signed newcomer Jessica Blaze to their agency for representation. 

Blaze, who is 18 and is still in high school, has told Metro Talent Management that she hopes to attend the college of her choice, be debt-free and be in the adult industry at the same time. And Metro Talent Management's John Kelsey has advised her that this can be done, but has told her that she will need to save her money because it won't last forever.

"Honesty is our main principle," a representative for Metro Talent Management said. "We don't want to lie to models, giving them the wrong impression when they come through our doors that they are going to make $20,000 a month or some incorrect astronomical figure. We also don't force models to do anything they are uncomfortable with, such as booking them for work they are honestly uncomfortable doing. We also want to prepare them and let them know this won't last forever and to save the money they are making so that they are prepared for life after they leave the industry as well."

To book Blaze, contact Metro Talent Management at (818) 724-9342.

For more information on Blaze, visit her Metro Talent Management page.

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