Kelli Provocateur to Appear at DomCon L.A. 2016

LOS ANGELES — Kelli Provocateur will appear at DomCon Los Angeles 2016, to be held May 18-22 at the LAX Hilton. DomCon is a convention for professional and lifestyle dommes and also features webmasters, photographers, performers, educators and others who are interested in BDSM.

"DomCon is like a school reunion where everyone understands each other because of our shared interests and experiences," said Provocateur, a BDSM performer and dominatrix who has been featured by "It's freeing to be yourself and meet people who appreciate what you're about and what excites you."

In addition to her activities in BDSM and adult entertainment, Provacateur is a bodybuilder and semi-competitive wrestler.

DomCon is held twice a year, and the five-day event in Los Angeles will be followed by DomCon Atlanta in October.

"DomCon is about celebrating the lifestyle, learning new things and making new friends," Provocateur said. "There's nothing else like it."

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For more information on DomCon Los Angeles, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.