Sensuous Massage Oils Now Available in the Middle East

Sensuous Massage Oils Now Available in the Middle East
Ariana Rodriguez

SYDNEY — Australian company Sensuous is now available in the Middle East.

The company says it has received its first order from Kuwait and the order comprises almost the full Sensuous line, including Aromatic Oils, Sweet Touch Kissable Massage Oils, Smooth personal lubricants, Frenzy pleasure gel for women as well as Edge delay gel for men.

“We have been working towards this for over two years,” Sensuous CEO Keith Jones said. “We have been working with our distributor over there ensuring that all our products are properly registered and all the correct permits are in place.

“Everything finally fell into place about three weeks ago and the first shipment will be on its way to Kuwait next week,” Jones said. “We are very excited as this is quite a coup as the Middle East is such a conservative region. We really look forward to working with our partner Al Ahmadi International.”

As well as being a distributor Al Ahmadi also own a chain of pharmacy stores in the region where the Sensuous range will be featured.

Al Ahmadi is Sensuous’ second distributor in the region with another already based in Bahrain.