MormonBoyz, MormonGirlz Excluded From Utah Pride Fest

MormonBoyz, MormonGirlz Excluded From Utah Pride Fest
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — The operators of and told XBIZ today that they've been excluded from the annual Utah Pride Festival set for June 3-5.

According to LeGrand Wolf and Brooke Hunter, owners and creative directors of the site, the Utah Pride Committee held a special meeting last week to revoke their invitation to participate in the 2016 festivities.

In an email, Utah Pride officials said: “We unanimously agreed that the specific type of business that you run is not something we feel comfortable having in the Utah Pride Parade or as a vendor at the festival. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. We do have to be aware of the community that we live in and that we are a part of. We feel that your specific business does not represent a part of that community.”

Wolf and Hunter, in response, said that “the exclusion of adult businesses from Utah Pride festivities is a giant step in the wrong direction.”?

“It’s ridiculous and offensive to exclude our gay- and lesbian-owned businesses, MormonBoyz and MormonGirlz,” Wolf and Hunter said. “Pride should reflect the full diversity of Utah’s LGBT community.

“As Mormons, Utahns and the world’s only purveyors of Mormon-themed erotica, we have a very special connection to Utah. We are excited to come share our unique spin on Mormonism, just as all around the world Mormon missionaries share their version of the faith every day.”

The owners said that Utah Pride officials were likely pressured by the Mormon church over its decisions of inclusiveness at the Utah Pride Festival.

“The Mormon church is among the nation’s most powerful enemies of gender and sexual minorities, and we are appalled that LGBT community leaders would prioritize their hateful agenda,” they said.

Launched in 2013 and 2014, respectively, MormonBoyz and MormonGirlz both unveil the dark secret of Mormonism — that the practice of polygamy is alive and well.  

MormonBoyz takes a look at a gay Mormon sex cult of missionaries in daddy son bareback transgressions, while MormonGirlz offers a Mormon polygamy sex cult of incest taboo and secret lesbian transgressions.

Hunter and Wolf said they’ve asked the Utah Pride committee to reconsider its decision.

“We feel that Utah Pride’s disastrous decision will generate a lot of outrage from LGBT people around the country.”

In a letter to Utah Pride officials, Hunter and Wolf said that the group is continuing a long tradition of “oppressing the sex-positive and sexually expressive members of our community.” 

“The ‘Dykes on Bikes’ were pushed to the back of the parade and told to be more ‘feminine,’ Hunter and Wolf said. “Proud leather men were asked to less visible and pretend they were someone they are not.  Drag queens and effeminate men were told to ‘straighten up’ and not embarrass the white heteronormative men who have traditionally dominated our community’s leadership.”

“Now the same is being done to us. This is nothing less than censorship and self-hatred.”