Sadie Santana Announces Free Agent Status

LOS ANGELES — Sadie Santana has announced that she is now a free agent and can be booked directly by video companies.

"In the three years I have been performing, I think I have established that I am professional, reliable and can bring intensity to my shoots," Santana said. "I pride myself on never being late, always early. I felt the next step for me was self-reliance and to have a more hands-on approach to my bookings. In this age of social media, if a director wants to contact me, I'm easy to find."

Santana has been featured in hardcore videos that include Hustler's "Republican Candidate Wife Swap" and New Sensations' "My Wife's Darkest Fantasy." And she is also featured in "The Sadie Santana Project," a 64-minute showcase video released by Royal Empire Productions.

For more information on Santana, follow her on Twitter, Instagram or DreamLover.