pjur Launches Gift With Purchase Promo

pjur Launches Gift With Purchase Promo
Ariana Rodriguez

LUXEMBOURG, Wasserbillig — pjur group USA has launched a gift-with-purchase promotion featuring seven of its most popular formulas.

The gift is a refillable 10ml travel-size bottle with the purchase of a 100ml size bottle or larger, of the same formula. The program includes a point-of-purchase shelf talker with an image of the gift highlighting the item to the end customer.  

Richie Harris, CEO of pjur group USA says, “Free always sells!”

According to the company, the program is designed so that stores can offer one of the seven formulas each quarter based on availability.

“Retailers have reported that the program has proven to increase sales of the item being featured by as much as four times,” the company said. “Stores have also expanded pjur’s footprint as a result of this promotion as it is a great way to launch a new formula. More sales means more profits as pjur continues to grow in the USA.”

For more than 20 years, pjur has been producing lubricants made in Germany.  All pjur formulations available for sale in the USA are registered with the FDA and meet health and safety requirements.

For information, email info@pjurgroupusa.com or call (877) 628-7100.