Mike Kulich Relaunches Stunner PR As MAK PR

LAS VEGAS Mike Kulich has returned to the company he founded almost two years ago: Stunner PR, now operating under the name MAK PR. The adult industry veteran has been working in mainstream for the past couples of months with some high-profile clients, including Michelle Rodriguez and Martin Shkreli.

As MAK PR, they will no longer charge retainers for talent to sign with them. MAK PR will be available to clients on an as-needed basis, providing à la carte services that include press releases, story pitching and novelty deals.

"I am so excited to be back in the industry I love and where I started my career," Kulich said. "In terms of PR, I talked to a lot of girls who can't afford a monthly retainer or don't have enough going on to justify paying that. This fixes both problems and lets the girls cherry-pick their services."

MAK PR will also provide online reputation management, brand building, media monitoring, internal communications, crisis management, media relations and event management.

"This new business model will enable any girl to sign with us and get their PR rolling with no money down," Kulich said. "Our goal is to open up new opportunities for every girl on our roster."

For more information, visit MAK PR's official website or follow them on Twitter.