Eva Lovia Endorses Donald Trump for President

LOS ANGELES — In a new interview with the mainstream website EveryJoe.com, Digital Playground contract performer Eva Lovia reveals who she is supporting for president of the United States in 2016: Republican primary frontrunner Donald Trump.

"I wish Obama could stick around, and I haven't seen anyone running that has sparked my interest," Lovia said. "But because I do want to vote, I'm voting Trump simply for one reason: flat tax rate."

In addition to addressing the presidential race, Lovia discusses her career in adult entertainment, things she finds attractive in a partner and her future plans. Lovia also offers some advice for anyone else looking to get into adult films.

"Be careful, and know what your end goal is," Lovia said. "No one is going to look out for you or your career, so you need to plan ahead and most importantly, understand your limits and what you are comfortable with sexually. Don't do anything just for the money or just for popularity. When it's over, you're left with your decisions. So you need to be happy with them."

The interview with Lovia is available online at EveryJoe.com.

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