Gaelic WWW Conference Announces Irish Whiskey Tour

NAAS, Ireland The Gaelic WWW Conference has announced that the Irish Whiskey Tour will take place on Wed., Jun. 22 at 7:30 p.m. A shuttle bus will take people from the Killashee Hotel in Naas, where the Gaelic WWW Conference is being held, to the Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin and back.

Sponsored by National Inkasso, the Irish Whiskey Tour is free but is limited to 50 people. To register, visit this link.

The Gaelic WWW Conference will begin on Tues., Jun. 21 and continue until Thurs., Jun. 23. Registration for the event can be purchased online for €150.

"The times, as they say in our industry, are changing," a representative for the Gaelic WWW Conference said. "I have even heard, at different events, that webmasters will die off, as no one will need them anymore. This, I know, is untrue, for without webmasters, there would be no traffic for others to market. The Gaelic WWW Conference will be a simple win-win situation, where the webmasters, the media buyers and sellers, the program partners, service providers and all others can carve out, in a comfortable environment, our common ground for growth."

For more information on the Gaelic WWW Conference, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.