Research Offers Insights on Brazilian Women

SÃO  PAULO The Brazilian adult social network, which recently launched in the United States, has released data on the sexual desires of Brazilian women.

A representative for said that according to research conducted with 30,000 members of the website, Brazilian women "are more sexually satisfied because they let themselves experience sexual pleasure and be seductive."

Users who participated in the survey offered sexual insights on Brazilian women. The user @asalstrong said, "Ideal sex doesn't have space for prejudice or judgment. It doesn't help having a bed full of roses if the sex doesn't happen with desire."

User @neaaleamora said, "The foreplay is essential to guarantee great sex for me. From French kisses to nipple sucking, women should learn how to ask their partner to do what they like. In my opinion, everything is allowed during sex." found that within their Brazilian network, over 50 percent of users were using sex toys and lubes during sex.

Victor Salciotti, director for the United States, said that sexual empowerment is gaining strength in the U.S. because numerous women are promoting a sex-positive outlook on blogs and social media.

Salciotti said, "Brazilian women's biggest secret to be so sexually satisfied is their worry-free attitude in bed, boosting both the self-confidence and self-esteem that make them so, so attractive."

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