PimpRoll Relaunches as Performance Network, Offers End-to-End Optimization

PimpRoll Relaunches as Performance Network, Offers End-to-End Optimization
Alejandro Freixes

TORONTO — Pioneering adult affiliate program PimpRoll has relaunched as a performance network, offering end-to-end optimization.

PimpRoll says it differs from other offer opportunities because it has more than 15 years of experience in the adult industry, which has allowed the company to construct a set of offers that provide advanced statistics and exclusive tools tailored for the modern web, while also providing direct access to the product owner. This approach is meant to ensure high payouts, detailed data and successful cross-platform campaigns, bolstered by a team of qualified experts working with users every step along the way.

“As a complete end-to-end solution, we control all verticals,” said Phil of PimpRoll. “This ensures maximum earnings for all our affiliates, and while our focus is primarily in adult and dating markets, our range of offers are always expanding. Many thousands of affiliates got their start with PimpRoll, and to date we have already paid out millions of dollars in revenue, on time every week. Now, with the new PimpRoll performance network, we look forward to working with professional affiliates in new ways that generate profits from fully optimized campaigns that give you all the control and information you need to maximize your ROI on every single click.”

Offers on the PimpRoll network include high-performance mobile-focused creatives, multilingual auto-detection landers, optimized mobile product flow, over 60 exclusive subscription-based products that are optimized and translated for more than 12 countries, a variety of creatives, data-driven targeting, detailed analytics, pinpoint accuracy, exclusively owned niche dating websites, non-saturated landing pages, auto-optimized offers to maximize earning potential and more.

“All anyone needs to do is have a look at the new PimpRoll.com website and it will become obvious within seconds that the new PimpRoll performance network is benefiting from a team of true professionals at maximizing profits,” Phil said. “The unique combination of experience and trust we have earned over the years, along with a massive catalog of new exclusive content in virtually every vertical, allows us to match the right offer, payout and affiliate so you can keep your focus on bringing in traffic and make use of our services to dynamically maximize your profits.”

Offers include wide ranging products that span several verticals like adult VR, cams and dating.

For more information, visit PimpRoll.