Derrick Pierce Discusses Tammy Lynn Stych on 'Wrestling Soup'

LOS ANGELES  Derrick Pierce was recently a guest on the "Wrestling Soup" podcast, which asked him about performing with professional wrestler Tammy Lynn Stych in the Vivid Entertainment release "Sunny Side Up."

"Tammy is one of the most recognizable names in the wrestling industry," Pierce said. "People are interested in what she is really like behind the scenes. I am in a very unique position of being intimate with her on film. And if that is something that people want to know more about, I'll talk about it."

Anthony "Missionary" Thomas, host of "Wrestling Soup," said that Pierce "absolutely killed on the show. My co-host Joey (Numbas) and I had a great time talking with him. Our 'Sunny Side Up' video review did more than 250k+ on total downloads/streams and was a complete milestone for us as far as our show over six years. This episode had a regular stream of about 500+ interacting in the chat room, and they were absolutely loving every minute of Derrick's interview. He's an absolute stand up guy."

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Pierce also discussed "Sunny Side Up" in a interview with The interview can be heard at this link.

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