PUBA's Ivan Launches Military Donation Drive

LOS ANGELES's Ivan is launching a donation drive for Americans serving overseas in the military. This drive follows Ivan's Gifts for Kids donation drive, which in mid-December, resulted in a packed truck of goods for a Los Angeles children's hospital. 

Ivan said, "Ever since my Anabolic days, almost ten years or so, I sent thank you videos and care packages to our military overseas. The highlight of my career was having a special thank you video sent back to me from one of these amazing people. Our daily lives are consumed with our own personal egos and absorption of anything available. But these heroes daily see and do things we only turn our heads away from. These people deserve our respect and support."

This week, Ivan will be driving around Las Vegas collecting donations. Two cards will be brought to these pickups so that donors can express themselves to men and women in the military. And next week, Ivan will make similar donation pickups in Los Angeles.

Donations requested are baby wipes, toilet paper, beef jerky, hygiene products, smell products and dry foods, including cereal, oatmeal and protein bars. Residents of Las Vegas or Los Angeles who are interested in donating are urged to contact Ivan at to arrange a pickup.

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