Meiya Tokyo Seeking North American Cam Models

LOS ANGELES is urging U.S.-based cam models to consider working with the company, which is licensed in California as a webcam model agency but has an agreement with the Japanese cam site FC2Live. In North America, only has the rights to broadcast American models live to Japan through FC2Live.

The webcam business is very different in Japan, compared to the U.S.," said Takashi King, co-founder of "Models do not have to beg for tips. Japanese men are very eager to pay for private shows. Japan does not have a tipping culture. However, we do have the option for models to be tipped because Japanese men are learning about tipping."

According to King, Meiya Tokyo can generate more income for cam models than U.S.-based webcam platforms. King said the average model on a U.S.-based platform can expect to earn $15-$50 an hour from cam work compared to $60- $1000 an hour at

"Japanese men are willing to spend more freely than U.S. men because of the culture there," King said. "They also have more disposable income than their counterparts in the United States. We have a growing need for sexy girls. Exotic girls, those who can do more than just fuck on camera, have higher earnings. Fetish models in particular can earn tremendous amounts."

Anonymity, according to King, is an advantage of reaching Japanese customers.

"It's Japan," King said. "You don't have to worry about being recognized. It's very unlikely that your family and friends will see pictures of you, your tits and pussy because of this website. If you enjoy more exotic sex acts, then you still don't need to worry. This site attracts mostly Japanese men, whom you will never meet."

Another advantage, King said, is the time. draws the most viewers from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. EST, not late at night like most U.S.-based webcam sites. This, according to King, allows models to have sex shows in the morning and still have their afternoons and evenings free to do whatever they like.

"If you can make a few thousand dollars in the morning," King said, "then you don't need to find another job. You have all the money you need for just a few hours of online sex in the morning. You can even work just a few days a week." 

Meiya Tokyo's operating agreement sees each model keep about 56 percent of the income from each show, King said. Meiya takes a commission and a currency conversion fee, and customers pay in Japanese yen. Payments are made through Payoneer.

For more information on Meiya Tokyo, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.