Covers Up Nudity But Links to Uncensored Sources Covers Up Nudity But Links to Uncensored Sources
Rhett Pardon

NEW YORK — The operators of, the site that allows users to collaborate pictures and videos with other members using hashtags, announced their newest site — — which went live today.

NotSmutty enables users to post censored adult content on social media while linking it back to its uncensored source. 

Users can convert pornographic images and videos with bright, colorful stickers that cover up any nudity.

Then, they can post them on social media where, in two clicks, users are able to view the original uncensored content without breaking the terms and conditions, NotSmutty operators said.

Models are invited to share their hottest content on social media without the fear of having it reported and taken down.

NotSmutty users who share content, the original content owners and NotSmutty each receive 33.3% of advertisement revenue for images posted.

Those who play the dual role of content-sharing user and content owner receive 66.6%. A variety of methods are available for payouts and users can track their earnings directly on the site.

“NotSmutty is a great way to monetize on everyone’s favorite activity – smut,” Smutty’s Product Manager Sathia said. “We’ve created a great user community for people to find what they like and make some money in the process without getting banned from their favorite social media sites.”