Icon Male Releases 'Prisoner of War 2'

Icon Male Releases 'Prisoner of War 2'
Alejandro Freixes

MONTREAL — Mile High Media and Icon Male have announced the release of “Prisoner of War 2,” which is now available on DVD.

Written and directed by Nica Noelle, “Prisoner of War 2” features Sam Truitt, Alexander Gustavo, Trent Ferris and Ty Roderick. The erotic World War II drama is the follow-up to 2014’s “Prisoner of War,” which XCritic.com rated as “Highly Recommended.”

The plot of the film centers on sadistic German officers Dieter and Heinrich capturing American soldiers John and Charlie. When the U.S. comrades refuse to give up army intelligence, the Nazis decide to make use of them for their own pleasure. Just when all hope seems lost, it appears the careless Germans have actually played into the young Americans’ hands.

“I love this series because I'm a big World War II buff, and in general, period piece films are my favorite to make,” Noelle said. “This one was particularly fun because of the cast. I had no idea that Alexander Gustavo was capable of performing a flawless German accent when I cast him, so that was a wonderful surprise. Beyond that, Alexander really channeled his character. He improvised a lot of dialogue during the sex scenes, and I almost dropped my camera I was so taken aback by his performance.

“I love to cast Ty Roderick in my army films because to me he's the quintessential tortured hero," Noelle continues. "He'd been asking me to write more complex characters for him, so I wrote a set up between him and Trent Ferris that would really test his acting skills. Ty is blindfolded and tied up in the sequence, so he had to do all of the acting with his mouth and his voice — he literally had nothing else to work with. He really pulled it off.”

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