Paysite-Cash to Introduce Wire Payouts Solution at Phoenix Forum

LONDON Paysite-Cash will be attending the Phoenix Forum to introduce its new wire payouts solution for companies that do not bank in Europe. The Phoenix Forum, a leading trade show for the adult online industry, will begin this Thurs., Mar. 31 in Tempe, Ariz. and continue until Sun., Apr. 3.

Paysite-Cash's wire payouts service enables merchants without European bank accounts to pay out affiliates in Europe by making one wire transfer only. Paysite-Cash then pays out each European affiliate instead of the merchant having to send out individual wires to each affiliate.

"This is a great solution for merchants who have been losing money paying for individual wires to Europe every month," said Maxime Colas, business development manager for Paysite-Cash.

Paysite-Cash's wire payouts solution pays out in up to 20 different currencies and makes affiliate payments automatic.

"Paysite-Cash will receive one single wire with money covering all the European affiliates and dispatch individual wires to all the European payees within 48 hours," Colas said. "For a customer with 1000 affiliates in Europe, this can save them tens of thousands of dollars every month."

Paysite-Cash is a regulated financial institution based in the U.K. For more than a decade, Paysite-Cash has been providing European merchant accounts, local scheme connections in Europe, and an integrated turnkey affiliate platform.

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