Streams Erika Lust's XConfessions

SAN FRANCISCO Pink and White Productions is now streaming Erika Lust's XConfessions on XConfessions is an ongoing series of erotic short films based on anonymous confessions submitted by fans. 

"XConfessions is my best project so far because it's inspired by the passions, the sex and the ideas of my fans and followers," the Barcelona-based Lust said. "It's adult cinema by and for them entirely."

Confessions of Lust's fans are collected and considered, granting a surprising and seemingly untapped resource for short narrative storytelling. Over three dozen short films from XConfessions are streaming on

Lust said of XConfessions, "It might sound presumptuous, but I also believe it is among the most creative, most high-quality erotica being produced nowadays. That has to do with the amazing crew that collaborates with me: young film creatives who are proud of taking part in this sex adventure. A great part of them are women." serves to champion the work of emerging and independent adult filmmakers through digital distribution as well as promotional and developmental support. Curated by Shine Louise Houston of Pink and White Productions, the VOD site hosts over 400 adult films by queer and female directors.

For more information on Lust, visit her official website or or follow her on Twitter.

For more information on Pink and White Productions, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.