Ducky Doolittle Offers Online Business Class For Sex Educators

BALTIMORE  Ducky DooLittle is holding an online class that will offer business and financial advice for sex educators. In "Sex Educators Series: Making Money as a Sex Educator," to be held this Sat., Apr. 2 at 11 a.m. EST, DooLittle will share her experiences in the sex education field. 

"There are more individuals working as sex educators than ever before," DooLittle said. "There are great intuitions, programs and jobs where sex educators grow their teaching skills, but there are few resources to teach them the business skills and realities of making a great living doing this work. I want to see these individuals thrive."

Sex advice columnist and sexuality workshop facilitator Yana Tallon-Hicks, who took the class in January, said, "I was very positively impacted by Ducky's class and just today booked my highest paying workshop yet with absolutely no fuss or muss from the institution. We deserve to be monetarily valued for our work."

In her classes, DooLittle speaks frankly about how she was born into poverty, orphaned and raised in foster care.

August McLaughlin, author and host of the "Girl Boner" podcast, said, "Ducky's webinar inspired me to really hustle when it comes to monetizing my work. I left the workshop set on doubling what I can and seeking additional lucrative opportunities. I reached out to ten companies yesterday, and already received lovely responses of interest from two. I'm grateful. Thank you, Ducky."

This online class will help participants define and grow their worth, find their unique voices as sex educators, and find ways to expand their reach in public and online. DooLittle also teaches how to negotiate fees and contracts for publishing and speaking engagements and ultimately, how to find balance in this challenging field and practice self-care.

DooLittle's class is for sex educators, social workers, sex workers, writers and public speakers, whether they aspiring, already established or somewhere in between.

Tickets for "Sex Educators Series: Making Money as a Sex Educator" are $49.95.

DooLittle, currently the resident sex educator for the Komar Company, has been instrumental in building public sex education learning programs for the Museum of Sex in New York City and adult retailer Babeland. DooLittle is the author of "Sex with the Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered."

For more information on DooLittle, visit her official website or follow her on Twitter.