Velv'Or Featured at BlokeToys

LONDON With their range of hand-finished lasso-style constrictors and 3D-printed, ergonomically designed cock rings, Velv'Or has gained the support of BlokeToys as a primary UK retail outlet.

The Jboa lasso style is currently available in smooth and engraved versions, while the Jnaja 3D printed ring is available in three sizes and three colors.

"We knew these unique high-quality items would be popular in the UK, moreso because they're quite hard to find here and those who do sell them are either constantly out of stock or priced far too high, or both," said Robbie Wallis of BlokeToys. "We wanted to expand the reach of Velv'Or while making a reasonable profit too. So going straight to them was the obvious solution."

While BlokeToys has stocked various items created by the Velv'Or company in the past, prices have been brought lower thanks to the development of a direct partnership between the two companies, cutting out the middle man.

"We've loved the design of both the Jboa and the Jnaja from the start," Wallis said. "They're truly something special in a region of male pleasure products often swamped with low-quality gimmicks. Being able to provide these beautiful products to customers in the UK is not only great for Velv'Or, it gives us an edge in this already busy marketplace."

For more information on Velv'Or, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.

For more information on BlokeToys, visit their official website.