Rodney Moore Releases New Video for Original Song

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Rodney Moore has released his latest music video for a new song called “Goodbye Hello,” for which he composed the lyrics and music.

Like his other videos, he plays the keyboard, drums and guitar, while also supplying the vocals and "back-up vocals." Woofie Katt (his cat) is featured throughout the video as his co-star, a staple of his videos.

“I hope people will be uplifted and inspired by ‘Goodbye Hello,'" Moore said. “It’s been called by one listener, ‘A Guide to Life.'"

“Goodbye Hello” and all of Moore’s videos are available on his YouTube channel, where fans can subscribe to stay abreast of his latest releases. It is listed under the name David Perry, which Moore has used for his music, writing and producing since the 1980s. Although he has devoted most of his time the last 20 years to his porn career, over the past six months, he has been getting back into doing music, while still releasing new scenes.

Recently, he did renditions of such hits as Ricky Nelson’s “You Tear Me Up," The Byrds' “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better," Bill Withers’ “Use Me," Frankie Avalon’s “Venus" and The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence.” In addition to playing and singing all the parts himself, he shoots and edits the video.