PicoBong Crowd-Funding to Develop Remoji Interactive App

PicoBong Crowd-Funding to Develop Remoji Interactive App
Ariana Rodriguez

SAN JOSE, Calif. — PicoBong has launched an Indiegogo campaign to develop Remoji, “the most fun, colorful interactive sex toy app the world has ever seen,” for a new range of products set to be released in May.

The company says it is seeking feedback and support from consumers to help decide how the app will work and look. PicoBong wants to create an app rather than a traditional remote in order to help users further maximize the use of their mobile devices.

“We’re taking something you’re already constantly using ? to listen to music, play games, stay in touch with friends, hook up with new ones, whatever ? and making it something that you don’t have to put down during sex, but will actually make sex better,” the company says.

An eponymously named little yellow guy personifies the app, and he takes on different characters to match the six music genre-inspired vibration patterns that the app offers. Remoji’s vibration patterns include: Hip Hop, Techno, Indie, Dubstep, Punk and Jazzy.

The new products include the Diver Egg Vibe, Lifeguard cock ring, Surfer anal plug, and the Blow Hole vibrating cup. Each item is made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic with silent motors. The PicoBong Remoji series of toy are USB rechargeable and waterproof.

The toys can be used without the remote or can be controlled through the app via Bluetooth. The app will be available for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For more information, visit PicoBong.com/remoji.