DIMOCO to Attend the Phoenix Forum

TEMPE DIMOCO, a leading carrier billing provider in Europe, will be present at the Phoenix Forum in Tempe, Ariz. from Mar. 31-Apr. 3. DIMOCO signed another sponsoring contract for the 2016 edition of the Phoenix Forum, a leading trade show for the online adult industry.

Gerald Tauchner, president and CEO of DIMOCO, said, "16 years on the digital payment market give us the expertise and know-how companies in the online entertainment industry need to be successful. We are happy to demonstrate this at the upcoming Phoenix Forum."

Trends on how digital content can easily be billed with carrier billing will be shown at the meet-and-greet networking event as well as presented by DIMOCO's representatives face to face.

Within the latest company publication, the UK-based market research firm Juniper Research confirmed the digital payment method again as the number one in reach. The European market for digital content is expected to increase from an estimated €29.2 billion in 2015 to €55.2 billion in 2020. And the value of digital content billed via carrier billing will rise from just over €2.6 billion in 2015 to nearly €14 billion in 2020, showing an annual increase over the forecast period of 40 percent.

To make an appoint with DIMOCO during the Phoenix Forum, contact sales@dimoco.eu or sales@dimoco.us.

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