Venus Lux Featured in BuzzFeed's 'I'm a Sex Worker, But I'm Not ...'

NEW YORK — Venus Lux is featured in BuzzFeed's new short video "I'm a Sex Worker, But I'm Not...," which aims to dispel the public's preconceived notions of sex workers.

Lux said, "BuzzFeed did an amazing job in opening up an educational and inspirational discussion of sex workers. I'm honored to be able to express my own opinions and experiences and represent the transsexual adult industry and transgender community."

Also featured in "I'm a Sex Worker, But I'm Not..." are "Whorecast" podcaster Siouxsie Q and BDSM performer Mikey Mod. Lux, along with Siouxsie Q and Mod, shares numerous soundbites to dispel stereotypes of sex workers.

"I'm a sex worker, but that's not all that I am. I'm much more. You just have to get to know me," Lux said.

"I'm a Sex Worker, But I'm Not..." can be viewed on YouTube

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