Brand One Reports Sales Increase Following Bathmate Training

Brand One Reports Sales Increase Following Bathmate Training
Stephen Yagielowicz

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Brand One, the distribution partner for the Bathmate hydro penis pump, is reporting a recent boost in sales, attributed to its in-store training program.

According to the company, 2016 has been an aggressive training year in adult stores across the U.S. for the Bathmate brand — which it calls the only patented water/hydro pump that has testimonial-based guarantees supporting its ability to improve penile health and to grow the penis both in girth and length. 

“Some users have reported as much as 3.5 inches in growing penis length and 2 inches in girth,” explains Richie Harris, a consultant and trainer for Brand One. “Water pressure is 2.5 times stronger than air and offers a radically different system compared to traditional air pumps. It is now a researched fact that air pumps cannot come close to these making the claims of performance and results as compared to water pressure.”

The Peekay chain of stores (Lovers, Touch of Romance, Conrev, and Crystals) held trainings at four retail locations, including Seattle, Portland, California and Dallas, training more than 140 sales professionals.

“The Peekay stores in each region looked great with more attention to detail and more intelligent merchandising than ever in their history,” says Harris, who sold Peekay products for more than 17 years. “The Peekay sales teams from every region were fantastic and willing to learn, as clearly water pressure is true science when compared to air. The patented one-way valve is engineering that really has to be understood to sell the luxury Bathmate products.”

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