Royal Empire Releases 'The Sadie Santana Project'

ORLANDO Royal Empire Productions has released "The Sadie Santana Project," a 64-minute DVD that features the adult star in a variety of erotic activities. 

A spokesperson for Royal Empire Productions, which has been working with Santana for a little over two years, said, "This project has many themes from Sadie, including an incest scene. Sadie Santana does a magnificent job playing a stepmother with loose morals and who has a thing for her new stepson." 

The spokesperson said that Santana "has a few fetish scenes on this DVD as well for those of you who are into the freakier things."

"The Sadie Santana Project" can be purchased at

Royal Empire Productions can be followed on Twitter @RoyalEmpirexxx, and Santana can be followed on Twitter @SadieSantanaxxx.