Your Choice Releases 'Spy Babes'

AMSTERDAM Inspired by everyday women who have secretly filmed their seduction of tradesmen making house calls, Your Choice Productions has released "Spy Babes."  

Overseen by first-time director Malte Decker, British semi-pro and amateur women are captured in compromising situations with the hard-working men they fancy. Using a novel, static set up with two high-definition cameras, "Spy Babes" allows the viewer a crystal clear but realistic peek into the private affairs of Carly G, Tammie Lee, Leona Lee and Heavens Angel. 

A spokesperson for "Spy Babes" said, "Each scene begins with the girls turning on the cameras and warming things up with a bit of tease before the workman she's called under contrived pretences arrives. Once there, the ladies take their time, but eventually, turn on their powers of seduction to capture their tasty prey." 

Decker said, "This is all about good fun. All the footage was shot at the models' homes during a summertime road trip through England. We've always celebrated sexually assertive women with our 'Viewers' Wives' series, and 'Spy Babes' is a continuation of that theme." 

Using minimal direction, Decker wanted to let the women's true personalities come through. 

"The goal was to let them be themselves because they're the kind of free spirits every man hopes to happen across," Decker said. "When we first spoke to one of our stars about the film, she expressed that it sounds like the kind of thing she's done off camera. In other words, the performances are incredibly authentic." 

Scott McGowan, retail representative for Your Choice Productions, said, "The film takes the pizza man or plumber trope and turns it on its head. It's about women taking control of their own sexual destinies and having the time of their lives doing so. It's about bucking conventions. And it's not made for men exclusively. 'Spy Babes' was made to be enjoyed by anyone who likes the idea of emboldened women taking the reins."

"Spy Babes" is available for purchase at, and press materials can be downloaded at

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