CrakRevenue Announces Payout Bump on Sex Messenger App

QUEBEC CITY CrakRevenue has announced a payout bump on its desktop and mobile dating app, Sex Messenger. 

The Canadian CPA platform is kicking off the end of winter with a promotion that is open to all CrakRevenue affiliates: $75 PPS desktop, $50 PPS mobile. 

CrakRevenue affiliates who wish to opt-in can begin registering early on Wed., Mar. 9. Increased payouts become effective the second week of March between Sat., Mar. 12 and Fri., Mar. 18 and the fourth week of March between Sat., Mar. 25 and Fri., Mar. 31. 

Axel Vézina, COO of CrakRevenue, said, "We launched this dating app last summer, and since then, hundreds of thousands of people have already downloaded it. It's a hit. Given its huge popularity, we've spent the past several months optimizing the platform and releasing a brand new mobile version that converts like crazy. We're more than thrilled to share this great opportunity with our affiliates." 

CrakRevenue said that affiliates with adult traffic from the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. "will certainly not want to miss the boat on this one."

CrakRevenue can be followed on Twitter @CrakRevenue.