Releases 'The Business of Pleasure'

ARDEN, N.C. has released "The Business of Pleasure: Adult Novelty Business Mini-Tutorial," an online manual that offers advice to people who want to get started in the sex toy business. has helped many aspiring businesses in the adult novelty industry, from manufacturers to retailers. The consulting firm has said that one of its goals is "to help professionals empower consumers by bringing sexual health education and products, while helping business owners make a very generous income." 

Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., CEO of and the Holistic Wisdom Corporation, said that companies that think they can make a new sex toy or pleasure products site successful simply by advertising with pay-per-click programs such as Google AdWords are likely to be disappointed.

Lawless said, "Typically, we have seen this tactic yield less than a one percent conversion rate which leaves people feeling lost and frustrated, having wasted their time and lost their money with nothing to show for it." 

Lawless said that education is crucial if one hopes to compete in the sex toys/pleasure products sector. 

"Most people are under the impression that starting a successful sex toy business is going to be easy," Lawless said. "The truth is that this is a highly competitive, legally precarious and fast-paced business, and unless you know what you are doing, you can end up like so many who dream big and fail hard. There are basic things that one must know when specifically starting a sex toy business whether it is online, party-based or brick and mortar. Such a business requires smart and educated business tactics, and that is exactly what we provide so that our clients successfully achieve their sex toy business vision." 

"The Business of Pleasure: Adult Novelty Business Mini-Tutorial" can be found at 

The North Carolina-based Lawless, in addition to her work with and the Holistic Wisdom Corporation, is the founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS), an educational organization for professionals in the field of sexuality and the adult novelty industry. 

The Holistic Wisdom Corporation can be followed on Twitter @SexualWisdom.