ClickCastX Integrates 360 VR Video

LOS ANGLES ClickCastX has announced their integration of 360 virtual reality video. Clients using ClickCastX can now upload full 4k and HD 360 VR videos, and users can play them on their desktops or laptops. 

Claude Lai, CEO of ClickCastX, said, "This is really the future of video production and publishing. Although it is still in the early phases, VR will become, in one form or another, how all videos will be produced and distributed." 

ClickCastX clients will be able to encode 360 videos from large 4k files to HD streamable videos. Although the quality is not as good as 4k for streaming, it is acceptable for most uses. 

4k 360 VR videos can be downloaded using ClickCastX's pay-per-download function. The files are generally around one or two GB in size for a clip of 10-15 minutes. 

ClickCastX is proud to announce the introduction of its Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard VR mobile apps, which work with Android or Apple iOS devices and allow users to immerse themselves into a 3D/360 video world. 

ClickCastX will be showcasing its VR video app at the Phoenix Forum from Mar. 31-Apr. 3.