The Screaming O Says Vooom Bullets Are Highest-Performing New Release

The Screaming O Says Vooom Bullets Are Highest-Performing New Release
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has reported another sales milestone.

This time it’s the brand’s new Vooom Bullets, which have reached reached 20,000 units sold since its January debut.

In less than two months, the  unique low-pitch mini vibes have outsold every other new release in the company’s 11-year history and are setting a new precedent for the way bullet vibrators deliver stimulating vibration.

Screaming O account exec Conde Aumann said Vooom Bullets are equipped with a low-pitch motor that hums at a frequency unlike any other mini vibe on the market, providing a deep, rumbling vibration that penetrates beneath the skin’s surface. 

The result is a sensation that reduces the risk of desensitization from higher-frequency buzzy vibes and a more satisfying experience, Aumann said.

“Vooom Bullets may look ordinary from the outside but they pack a deep and penetrating vibration that’s never been felt from a bullet vibe before,” Aumann said.

“The difference can be felt right away and buyers have been blown away by how unique the lower-pitched vibration feels. We knew Vooom Bullets would be a success but never anticipated such incredible sales numbers. Twenty-thousand units to date, and the numbers keep climbing.”

Vooom Bullets are made of lab-tested, body-safe ABS plastic and encased in a waterproof shell, making it easy to enjoy rumbling vibration in the bath or shower, Aumann said.

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