Lucie Bee and Alana Evans to Host Sydney Sexpo Cosplay Competition

SYDNEY Sexpo has announced that Lucie Bee and Alana Evans will host and judge Australia's inaugural Sydney Sexpo Cosplay Competition 2016, to be held from May 12-15.  

A Sexpo spokesperson, describing Bee's accomplishments, said, "Celebrating five decadent years in the Australian and international adult and cosplay industries, and preparing for several more, Lucie is a pocket rocket with a long resume. With her growing reputation as one of the industry's most outspoken entertainers and advocates, Lucie has appeared on 'The Project' and 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show' as well as being a featured guest on several Australian and international radio shows, documentaries and podcasts." 

Sexpo described Evans as "a crazy MILF gamer with an appetite for sex," adding, "One of Alana's biggest passions is video games and cosplay. She writes The Stoned Gamer for High Times Magazine and also owns and maintains, a video game website with game reviews, live video game streams and cosplay shoots. She was recently featured in the March 2015 issue of Hustler Magazine in her cosplay glory."

Bentleigh Gibson, event manager for Sexpo, said, "Collaborating with Lucie and Alana with this competition is a great endorsement for the event. We know that both women are passionate advocates of cosplay. So their signing to the event was a logical choice. We are thrilled they have both agreed to attend and partake."

In addition to the competition, Sexpo will create a cosplay-friendly area within the event, specifically for those cosplayers who want to socialize and mingle with other enthusiasts. 

Gibson said, "Sexpo recognizes that cosplay is an important cultural element which will only grow in popularity, and we want to embrace the cosplay culture and establish it as a permanent feature in all future Sexpos. We expect this to develop into an international competition, with our UK and South Africa shows already embracing the idea."

More than 35,000 people are expected to attend the Sydney Sexpo 2016.