Bizarre Video Announces Two Releases from Paradise Films

LOS ANGELES Bizarre Video has announced two new releases from Paradise Films: "8 Shades of Paradise" and "Get Physical." 

A Bizarre Video spokesperson, describing "8 Shades of Paradise," said, "Move aside, Mr. Grey. Your shades have nothing on this Paradise City. Get exposed to the real-life hardcore fetish lifestyle, and wrap yourself in orgasmic fun. Choke and grope your girls, then take advantage of any innocence they have left. Ropes and chains are necessary to keep these sluts down, and a big cock in the mouth to shut them up is just what the doctor ordered. Get in and get your freak on in this house of kinky deviance." 

Describing "Let's Get Physical," Bizarre Video's spokesperson said, "Let's get physical, and we're not talking about a fitness session. We're going to get down and dirty with our naughty little selves. Join us as we show off our multitasking skills with blowjobs, dildos, and getting wet and wild with our boy toys. Take the physical challenge and beat your way into our deep, wet insides."