JuicyAds Improves Targeting to Browsers, OS

JuicyAds Improves Targeting to Browsers, OS
Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — JuicyAds now allows advertisers a fresh targeting option across all traffic types — browser targeting.

The browser targeting options are primarily for desktop PCs, allowing targeting of Macs and PCs separately. 

Browsers to be targeted on the PC side include Firefox, Chrome and  Explorer/Edge. The targeting will not affect publishers, but advertisers can now promote products and offers differently depending on their purpose. 

Some products are only for Mac, while some offerings are only optimized for one surfer experience such as Chrome or Firefox. Oftentimes an advertiser's product will produce better conversions on a specific browser for a variety of reasons. 

"JuicyAds is moving forward quickly in 2016, and not just when it comes to new targeting options," said Juicy Jay, CEO and founder.  "Our new targeting options are being developed faster than we can promote them to our clients — and that's a good thing. 

Operating system targeting has existed for some time on the platform, but has also been recently added as an expansion to banner campaigns. 

It allows for targeting of Mobile operating systems like iPhone, Android, and many others for mobile devices. On the desktop side it allows for the targeting of PC and Mac separately. 

This is very useful for advertisers promoting mobile offers to either Apple or Android devices, and similarly for Apple versus PC products.  It makes no sense to purchase traffic for PC when your offer or service is only good for an audience using a Mac or iOS.  Improving ROI on those campaigns is super quick and easy.

“The real value to JuicyAds clients — both existing and potential — will come soon as we continue to launch the much larger portions of the platform as part of our strategy,” Juicy Jay said. “It’s a very exciting time to be Juicy."

The JuicyAds advertising network is celebrating over 10 years in business. Clients can buy or sell mobile traffic (banners, redirects, pops) as well as desktop traffic (banners, pops) with a variety of advanced targeting options. 

The company will be in attendance at The European Summit, The Phoenix Forum and the new XBIZ Berlin event this September.