Stockroom Offering Discount on 'Drang Steel Anal Plug'

LOS ANGELES — has announced a one-day 25 percent discount on its male chastity device 6 Gates of Pride, which ordinarily sells for $28.50 but is available today for $21.38.

Stockroom said, “Pride isn’t just for flags. With this festive-looking chastity device, you can put the rainbow on your favorite penis and make your play a little bit more flamboyant. Designed and assembled in Stockroom’s own workshop, the six silicone rings connected by a leather strap comfortably restrict the shaft until you’re ready to release it. Even the darkest dungeon will be brightened by the colors.”

Stockroom said that 6 Gates of Pride is “perfect for the sub who’s proud of his service to you and wants everyone to know it.”