Naughty Black Box Launches, Offers Curated Selections

Naughty Black Box Launches, Offers Curated Selections
Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — The Naughty Black Box offers a new way to purchase high end, luxury products that are selected based on a user’s customized profile.

The Naughty Black Box is a lifestyle brand that inspires people to discover, explore and learn about sensuality, sexuality and health, the company said. The Naughty Black Box has partnered with clinical sexologist, Dr. TaMara, to provide guidance on research, the science of sexuality and clinical support. Dr. TaMara will also provide customized personal assessments and intimacy and relationship coaching to clientele.

The Las Vegas-based company also is involved in philanthropy and giving back to the community. The company sponsors events and gives a portion of the sales to sexuality related research and organizations.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We invest a lot of time to sexuality research to make sure that we offer quality products that are body safe. We also focus on improving the relational and sexual lives of our customers. At The Naughty Black Box, we are unapologetically committed to ensuring that our clients experience unparalleled levels of romance, intimacy and sexual pleasure. We bespoke intimacy, meaning that we specifically and uniquely design each box with you in mind!”

The Naughty Black Boxes are created with specific themes and range in price from $89.99 to $139.99. The company also offers a monthly naughty black box subscription service for $29.99 a month. 

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