Pure Play, Desperate Pleasures Debut 'Daddy and I Volume 2'

Pure Play, Desperate Pleasures Debut 'Daddy and I Volume 2'
Alejandro Freixes

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Desperate Pleasures have announced the release of “Daddy and I Volume 2” this week.

Directed by JW Ties, “Daddy and I Volume 2” features Hope Harper and Akira Shell. 

“Hope Harper has proven time and time again to be the poster girl for the fauxcest genre,” said Michael L., sales representative of Pure Play Media.

“She and her girlfriends do an amazing job of making the fantasy come alive on film, and director and ‘Daddy’ JW Ties captures it all completely," he continued. "Fans of taboo relations films are going to love this title.”

Ties said, “Hope Harper's raw sexuality picks up where her stepsister Kaisey left off, and goes even further. Moving into a new house gives Hope lots of opportunities to exploit all the men in the family. By the way, the ladder scene was done by a trained professional; 'Daddy' is an OSHA-compliant person. Please don't try this at home!”

Harper remarked, “This was one of my most adventurous movies yet. I love taking things to new heights, especially with 'Daddy!'”

To view the box cover, cast list and synopsis for “Daddy and I Volume 2,” click here. Retailers interested in stocking “Daddy and I Volume 2” can contact Michael at Mike@pureplaymedia.com or (954) 903-3347, ext. 2224.